Historical Sites in Oudenaarde near Leopold Oudenaarde

Oudenaarde is the city of the Tour of Flanders, the city of the breweries and the city of the MOU. But there are also a few historical sites that are definitely worth a visit when staying in Oudenaarde. We have selected our top three visits in Oudenaarde.


When looking outside from our hotel to the other side of the Scheldt, you see the abbey of Maagdendaele. It was built in 1234 and was one of the most important women abbeys in Flanders. During the French at...

Frequently Asked Questions

Working at the reception in Leopold Hotel Oudenaarde is a job with a lot of variation. You see different people every day, you get the weirdest requests and encounter new problems during the day. But we also get a lot of the same questions from guests every day. To make it a bit easier for our guest we have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions and provided you with some answers to them! Hopefully this will help our guests with their next stay in Leopold Hotel Oudenaarde....

24 hours run in Oudenaarde

Like every year, Oudenaarde organizes the 24-hours run during the first weekend of October. Teams will walk or run for 24 hours. The route takes them through the city centre of Oudenaarde and is about 1 km long. Each team carries a stick they pass to their team mates which registers the number of tours they did. This creates a certain competition amongst the different teams. Catering & drinks are provided for the participants, there are shower facilities, ...

Besides the actual ...

Gaizka Front Office Leopold Hotel Oudenaarde

How long have you been working for Leopold Hotel Oudenaarde

Since the opening on the 22nd of April in 2014. The hotel was not even finished and we started in containers next to the construction site.

What is the funniest moment you experience in the hotel so far?

All of the private moments with my colleagues, the secrets, the hilarious situations that does not mean anything outside context. Those small moments make your job so much fun.

What a...

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Finally, you arrived in our boutique hotel Leopold Hotel Oudenaarde! As soon as you are checked in, you can enjoy an aperitif and a small snack. The perfect way to start a weekend in Oudenaarde!


Our hotel is only a three minute walk from the market. In and around the market you will find many restaurants where you can ha...