Audenaerde and beer: two things that are inextricably linked. Our city could be called a 'beer city' because of its rich beer culture. A the end of June several beer parties take place in the city centre of the city. Years ago over 20 breweries were active in the city but now 4 big breweries have remained active in Audenaerde.

Brewery Liefmans

At only a short walk from the hotel you can find the Brouwerij Liefmans. This building has been there for over 300 years. Jacobus Liefmans settled in the 17th century as a brewer in the city. Later, Rosa Merckx - for a long time the one and only female Belgian brewmaster - started the evolution of the Liefmans kriekbier.

Liefmans Fruitesse (on the rocks), Yell'Oh, Goudenband, Kriek-Brut and Old Brown are the most famous beers of this brand.

When you make a reservation beforehand, you can visit the brewery with a group of minimum 15 people.

The brewery is also a great party location: the perfect spot to host your seminar, reception or staff party. With its view over the Scheldt this banquet hall is a unique gem in the region.

Brewery Roman

We can say proudly that the oldest family brewery of Belgium is situated in Audenaerde. Brewery Roman, originated in the town of Mater in 1545 has many famous beers on its name: Ename (Blond, Dubbel, Tripel, Pater), Gentse Strop, Roman Pils, Sloeber, Adriaen Brouwer... The impressive buildings are a well-known landmark from far outside Audenaerde.

Brewing beer was originally only a small occupation of the B&B owners Joos Roman. Only many generations later, the brewing became the main activity of the family Roman. Today Carlo and Lode Roman are at the helm of the family business as the 14th generation of the family.

Visiting the brewery is possible after making a reservation, the perfect activity for beer lovers. After a guided tour and a tasting, everyone will return home with a nice gift package.

Brewery Cnudde

In the 19th century Hector and Aimé Meheus started the brewery Cnudde. Shortly after it was bought by Alfons Cnudde. Many generations continued with the brewing tradition to date and today it is in the hands of the fourth generation: Lieven, Steven and Pieter.

The brewery is located next to the graveyard from Ein, sub-municipality from Audenaerde. This why people say that the water they use for the beer is graveyard water.

Brewery Smisje

The brewery Smisje is situated in Mater, founded by the printer Johan Brandt in 1995. It started out as a hobby but it became a full time job. One of the other hobbies of Johan was apiculture. This is how the honey beer was invented. Throughout the years many beers were created such as Guido, Vuuve and Smisje Dubbel. In 2010 the production of these beers was stopped and they only continued with the Christmas beer and Smiske. The brewery is known for working with very fresh and pure ingredients.

Of course, there are a lot of other famous beers in the Flemish Ardennes such as the Kwaremont or the brewery from Kuurne 'De Brabandere', Valeirke from brewery Contreras and Triverius from brewery De Graal. 'Plan Beer, 7 routes along brewers and pubs in the Flemish Ardennes' is a map designed by Toerisme Vlaamse Ardennen which you can buy at our hotel: it is the perfect start of your beer trip in Audenaerde. Cheers!

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