It is always a challenge when designing a new menu but even more so when you consider the vast array of guests from so many different countries and cultures along with our local guests that we have the pleasure in hosting here at Bar Del Mundo daily. We offer everything from classic long drinks to local Belgian beers, Starbucks coffees and Frapachinos, croques and healthy salads to mouthwatering desserts in a relaxed and friendly warm environment close by the river Schelde and only a couple of minutes walk away from the market square steeped in so much cycling history from the Ronde van Flanderen (Tour of Flanders). With so much right on your doorstep it is difficult not to be inspired and get a little adventurous when it comes to our offering.

New additions

Our new additions to our Bar Del Mondo menu offer local classic dishes to compliment our guest favourites from around the world. Our hamburger and steaks remain our most popular offerings. Cooked to your liking and served with Belgian fries and salad they appeal to many a discerning guest. Classic British fish and chips is not only popular with our guests from Great Britain but is a hit with our local guests looking for an offering that is steeped in tradition. Giving our menu some new depth we have introduced some classic Belgian dishes that will appeal to all our guests from around the world and locally too. Top of that list is our ‘Stoverij’, Beef Stew. Tender pieces of Belgian beef in a rich Belgian beer based sauce give this dish its unique taste and of course it is not complete or traditional without classic Belgian fries ‘frietjes’ to give it that extra lift. A particularly popular offering during the cold winter months.

Don't be so selFISH

Located not far from the Belgian coast it is only fair that a local fish dish gets a look on our Bar del mundo menu. Generous pieces of white fish, shell fish and salmon in a rich, creamy sauce served with rice or gratin potatoes and seasonal vegetables makes our ‘vispannetje’ or Ostend fish stew a must try on your next visit.

Strike or spare ribs?

Already topping the list of popularity with our guests both local and from the many countries that visit and with excellent reviews is our Spare Ribs dish. A large succulent tender rack of ribs marinaded in rich, sweet and sticky sauce is enough to wet your appetite, topped off with Belgian fries and salad you will be forgiven for wanting more……more you say? Try our ribs ‘a volonté’ and you can help yourself to more…if you are able of course. Sticking with traditional BBQ style dishes comes our twist on a ‘hotdog’. 200g of herb infused braadworst on a baked crispy baguette with melted cheddar cheese, crisp baked onions, pickled gurkins, tomatoe and topped with mustard and tomatoe ketchup served with fries and salad is certainly not your regular ‘hotdog’ but a very tasty and filling option.

Did I hear you say dessert?

Of course any menu is not complete without a selection of deserts to top off a great meal or even as an offering with a coffee with friends. Being in Belgium of course we must offer the most popular dessert and of course we do not disappoint. The classic crisp Brussels Waffle ‘all the way’ is great for any occasion. Served with fresh fruit, sweetened whipped cream, vanilla ice cream and with warm Belgian chocolate to top this is a must after a meal or for those with a sweet tooth looking for a local treat.

It's gin o'clock

So if it is after a long days work or travelling, or if you are out and about viewing the sites in Oudenaarde our helpful friendly staff can guide you through our various offerings from wine to gin, classic coffee to tempting deserts, quick bite tapas, salads and snacks to traditional dishes from Belgium and around the world from our New improved menu at Bar Del Mundo.

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